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My Biggest Jump... Yet.

I’m naturally a planner who puts long thought into something, and sometimes I may even say one who lets anxiety put me in the passenger seat. It can be hard not to focus a bit too heavily on potential future problems.

But over the past few years, I decided I didn’t want to be in the passenger seat anymore. Of course I am aware and take in account all possibilities-- good and bad, and still make a somewhat well-informed decision with my next moves. But for me, HONESTLY, it can be hard to keep a balance there. It feels like I’m either frantic or unbothered. Anxious or careless. Definitely have lots of growing to do clearly… but not here to talk about that today. (For those that know me, you’ll recognize this as a serious but humorously delivered truth and some extreme sarcasm coming soon…. you can laugh.)

I start with that truthful statement because those struggles do come up for me. Nearly everyday we have to make decisions of some sort. Whether it's a minor decision like figuring out the perfect time to leave home for a coffee run, balancing errands, and avoiding traffic, all while not having caffeine too late in the day. Orrr it could be a deep contemplation about whether you're content with your current life and, if not, if you're ready to take the big steps to change it.

I had a little wake up call this summer when I was on vacation. I was on the beach, with no responsibilities, yet there was a tiny feeling that was keeping me from enjoying myself to the fullest. I did some thinking and realized my lack of enthusiasm was due to my preoccupation with the future. It was like that moment had little significance because my unconscious focus was upon being eager to leave a place I had outgrown. Not necessarily a physical location but a place in my mind that needed a bit of discomfort to grow.

I wanted to be surrounded by opportunities, new experiences, different people and ways of life, and HOT weather. So long story short, I decided to pack my things in a car, sell the rest, and move to Miami.

During those big contemplations of where I was going to move and how I was going to do it, I ultimately became more comfortable with knowing there would be many challenges that I could no way prepare myself for, so I’d just have to jump in. I’ve been an adventurous and some might say, risky person my whole life. I’ve taken several big jumps in the past. And I wasn’t scared to take another one.

To be clear, small details were scary at times but nothing is ever scary enough to keep me from doing the thing I want to do.

I’ve been teaching myself to trust me and that itself is a continuous learning journey. I know when there doesn't seem to be a way… I find one.

Anyway, no big deal. But I’m gonna give myself some credit for moving halfway across the country by myself. I did it pretty fearlessly. Everything is figureoutable.

So this babe is in the Magic City and I’m ready. Ready for the fun, the lessons, the adventures, the experiences, and the good and the less good that come with it all. I can feel the good things finding their way towards me.

If there’s anything you’re not happy with or contemplating right now, maybe this can be taken as a bit of inspiration and support for you to take one small step forward towards giving yourself the life you want. It's never easy, but know it's possible.

Sending love,

Katie ♥


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