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Living in the 419

I’ve been in Toledo for almost 3 years now, and can’t believe how fast the time has gone. I have found so many fun things to do and have met so many great people while I’ve been here.

Here's just a few of my favorite hobbies and interests I've found while living in this city.

Without a doubt, my favorite way to start my days, wind down my evenings, or recharge during the day is with a hot yoga or pilates session at The Hot Room. This place... I mean talk about a cure all. The atmosphere, the people, the sheer energy—every class leaves me feeling revitalized and just simply happier. If I have any extra time to spare, I gladly devote it to this place.

In addition, there's another spot that has brought me immense joy during the past few months while I've been engrossed in designing my website—SIP Coffee. It's my go-to destination when I need to ignite my productivity. The staff there is incredibly warm and friendly, their coffee never disappoints, AND they have plant-based treats! :)

And some evenings when I need a break from doing it all, I love going to Vod's Here BYO craft nights. It's a great opportunity to engage with a diverse group of vibrant and creative individuals who never fail to bring a smile to my face. Attending these craft nights reminds me to intentionally dedicate a portion of my week to nourishing my creative side while simultaneously exercising my social interaction skills...hehe. But I must confess that during many of these craft nights over the past few months, I spent them... once again... designing my website. Ya girl's been putting in some serious work!

Lastly, I truly value and derive so much joy from moments spent in nature. Any ray of sun I can absorb has the power to transform my day. The nature parks in Toledo and surrounding areas are expansive and captivating, it's elating that I have the option to immerse myself in them. I'm truly grateful I can spend time in a clean and safe space outdoors in the many peaceful nature parks within reach.

Over 7 billion people are sharing this planet, yet to find myself able to be alone in a space where I can appreciate the beauty of the environment enveloping me is beautiful and humbling.

All these spots in Toledo serve different purposes and have truly influenced my headspace and creativity.

I love finding new places to eat and activities to do, but as far as the most remarkable aspects of my time here, it is undoubtedly the lovely people I've crossed paths with that have left the greatest impact.

I've met and worked with several great models, designers, actors, filmmakers, and overall people from both the fashion and film scenes. And I of course wouldn't forget about my bestest friends at the day jobs. <3

It truly makes a difference when you're surrounded by supportive people who want to see you succeed. I deeply appreciate the opportunities I've found or have been led to.

Being in the presence of individuals pursuing similar passions is fantastic and does hold great importance. However, when I mention this, I'm not solely referring to people within specific industries. I've had the pleasure of encountering great people in coffee shops, restaurants, on the street, etc. and from those chance encounters, beautiful friendships have come about. I feel so much joy to cherish the little conversations or personal interactions that have evolved into meaningful connections and lasting friendships. These instances are invaluable to me, as they remind me of the huge impact that a simple question or genuine compliment can have on creating those special bonds with others.

I'm grateful that life led me here. It was absolutely necessary for the growth I've made, lessons I've learned, and experiences I've had. Toledo will always be a home to me.

They say "You Will Do Better In Toledo”

and I did. :)

Sending love,

Katie ♥


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