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Beautiful Things & Reasons I'm Grateful

There are always many things, people, places, and aspects of life to appreciate and enjoy. I’ve paid more attention to those things lately and am feeling a deeper sense of appreciation.

Here are a few:

1. People who see babies across the train and try to make them laugh.

2. People who listen to what you have to say and ask questions out of interest.

3. The way time slows down when near the ocean. 

4. Getting to try new coffee shops and restaurants.

5. Podcast hosts that provide reliable knowledge in a digestible way to learn.

6. Friendly people that acknowledge you.

7. People that start genuine conversation.

8. Going for walks.

9. Compliments from strangers.

10. Not being afraid to take risks.

11. Relating to a friend.

12. Living in Miami.

13. Friendly Lyft drivers.

14. Having the time to volunteer.

15. Meeting so many new people.

16. Moving to a new city and creating new relationships.

17. Staying in the ocean for hours.

18. Learning new things about different cultures, people, lifestyles, etc.

19. Having friends on the same wavelength.

20. And having friends that believe in and support me!

21. Creating a photographic style that shows beauty and appreciation in the simplest things.

22. The moments when all of the groceries I need

are available at the same time in one location.

23. The life I’m creating for myself.

24. Florida sunsets.

25. The 'after the gym' feeling.

26. Falling asleep to the rain.

27. Holiday candles.

28. Beach days.

29. Laughing so hard I almost cry.

30. Feeling creative.

31. Believing in myself.

32. How far I’ve already come.


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