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55 "Lessons"

My time alive has been short but I’ve been through a lot so far, lots good and lots not.

I am analytical and inquisitive, which is helpful at times and sometimes purely overwhelming.

BUT... I will say I can take a step back and analyze what I’ve been through– why I do the things I do, how to deal with what is, how to keep going, embracing a trial and error outlook to find what works best for me and my life.. and with all that– understanding and knowing what truly matters to me.

Life has been a wild ride, through the highs and lows I’ve experienced so far. Here are some things I’ve CHOSE to learn.. but really actually had to to move forward.

( by request:) )

I continue and quite honestly will likely need to consistently remind myself and make a conscious effort to apply some of these ways of thinking.

These are things that have worked for ME to know or do. So by no means a guide for how you should live your life or what you should do. More so some different perspectives or possible inspiration.

Understandings that have freed me:

1. Teach yourself to have compassion for others, especially the ones who did you wrong.

2. Figure out what makes you happy, what makes you feel worthy and excited. And do something to feed that at least once a week.

3. Stop feeling bad about being who you are. Learn who you are, know who you are, what you believe in, what you stand for, what you love, what you don’t. And don’t be sorry for it.

4. All the resources we need to heal are free. Don’t underestimate the power of fresh air and sunlight.

5. You'll learn so much about yourself if you never stop asking yourself why.

6. There’s no such thing as a person being ALL good or ALL bad.

7. Question what you were taught, what you’ve learned, what you’re surrounded by. Get perspectives from as many people as you can. Then make YOUR decision from a bird's eye view.

8. Ask someone how they’re doing and mean it.

9. Many people are hurting and many people will project their pain onto you in any type of way, for the rest of your life. It happens everywhere, understand it’s not you. Find compassion for the way they’ve chosen to live, and free yourself from other people’s insecurities.

10. The way you treat people is the way you feel about yourself.

11. Love yourself in all of the ways you want someone else to love you. Show you your love languages. You’ll be able to show up for every part of your life in ways you couldn’t imagine.

12. Go outside at night and go for a walk at a quiet hour. No phone, no headphones. Let yourself only focus on that moment and watch thoughts become crystal clear. (Doing this in the daytime is absolutely beneficial as well, but I’ve learned there's something about the stillness and quiet of nature at night.)

13. Know and understand your values and boundaries and never, ever, change them for anyone but yourself.

14. If you’re having a difficult time with something, make a list of tangible actions you can take to get the outcome you WANT. Don’t start thinking about what you don’t want. Do anything you physically or mentally can to take at least one step to set yourself up for the result you want. If there’s nothing you can do or you’ve done them all... trust and move forward.

15. Fuck around and pretend you’re lucky.

16. You can be a kind, caring, loving, generous person and still have boundaries. You no longer have to sacrifice your health and happiness for others. It shows true strength to do both.

17. Being grateful will get you there.

18. Just because you began your life living a certain situation, with certain experiences, and certain obstacles, does not mean they’re a part of who you are at your core. Where you began doesn’t have to be you. Those things may have helped create behaviors or thoughts within your life but they don't have to be anything but products of circumstance.

19. Very little is right or wrong. Your way is right to you, and that’s your truth. Another person’s truth may not feel right to you… but it's theirs. Sometimes that's just the way it is. It's freeing to understand that.

20. We’re all connected. Think of all the things we call coincidences... are they really though?

21. Make an easily accessible list of recharging activities you can turn to when your day becomes too much or you feel overwhelmed. Sometimes it just takes a simple reminder of that thing to bring you back.

22. Teach yourself how to talk yourself down from the thoughts that aren’t serving you or the harmful ones. Explain to yourself in a way like you’re a little kid again with reassurance, patience, and kindness.

23. There’s enough for everyone.

24. You can forgive and move forward. You don't have to forget.

25. If you have to tell them off, choose wisely. Consider your energy and consider what other people are going through that you don’t know about.

26. Ask so many questions.

27. Observe and acknowledge how your body feels when you’re around people, places, food, activities, etc. Everything your body feels is telling you something.

28. If you’re uncomfortable with something, congrats. You’ve been given a clue for what you need to work through on this "level" to move onto the next.

29. Speak up.

30. You can shut down the bullshit without being mean. It’s not mean to stand up for yourself.

31. Do all of the things that scare you.

32. Go to bed.

33. You don’t have to laugh because they’re making you feel awkward or uncomfortable.

34. Things are never black and white. So it’s not always easy, but trust your intuition.

35. Opportunities are everywhere, especially in the places you would never imagine. Be open.

36. It won’t come till you’re ready. And if you think you're ready and it’s still not here… go for that walk.

37. You can recreate a whole new life if you want. Right now, tomorrow, next month, next year. If you want.

38. Make sure you can keep a promise before you make it.

39. Romanticize the little things in your day. Be extra.

40. Do one little nice thing for another person today.

41. Create music playlists for your moods.

42. You get what you give.

43. The ways in which we attempt to avoid the pain, we end up creating layers of sensitivity linked to that pain within our lives. -The Untethered Soul

44. Reframe the lingering one track mind.

45. Energy doesn't lie, but it can be manipulated. So make sure you're seeing something for what it is and not what you wish it were.

46. Keep having fun, it works out faster that way.

47. Move as far away from perfectionism as possible, do what you can with what you have in this moment. Being imperfect can be your new perfect.

48. How you do one thing is how you do everything.

49. Your day can less productive/busy and still be a great day, sometimes in the end that can even be for the better. It doesn't have to be labeled as unworthy time. Maybe you need to slow down so you can pick it up to where you want to be tomorrow.

50. You don't have to struggle to get what you want. You have the right to be happy.

51. It's so common to be a victim of your thoughts, but you don't have to be.

52. Take care of yourself each day (even in times of contentment) and discover what ways work for you to manage stress, don't wait until you're overwhelmed or defeated.

53. Having a genuine desire for others to thrive will fill you up.

54. Your ability to accustom to the energy of love will give you the things you may need-- the words when you're ready to speak up, the compassion when you want to forgive, and the support when you feel lost.

55. The emotional rollercoaster is a part of the human experience, embrace it.


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