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Katie Pfanz Toledo botanical garden

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Downtown Toledo


Katie Pfanz actor
Katie Pfanz model
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Hi guys, My name's Katie and I’m an artist. I find avenues to explore my creative side everyday and just a few of those are through acting, modeling, and music. These are areas I absolutely love being immersed in, they are a big part of the life I've created for myself. With the projects I do like bringing a story and character to life on a film set, illustrating a story through emotions and sound waves within a song, or speaking through pictures without words, expressing myself or a designer’s work… the creative channel in my life is endless. And I am grateful. I strive to open up a new level of myself every moment I’m capable of and this world never fails to give me opportunities to do so. But the levels to be uncovered go far beyond what I’ve chosen as a career. There are so many angles of possibility and corners on this Earth filled with chance and connections. And… all of it’s art. I will continue investing in my art because it makes me happy and I’m creating a lifestyle that gives me freedom to keep on doing so. Along with that, my intention is to use my privileges to support and connect with others. This is a space to foster diverse forms of creativity I build and discover within my life. I want to share it with others who are close to me, beautiful people who may need some inspiration, or other souls that want to get to know me better. I'm happy you’re here. Sending love, Katie ♥

Katie Pfanz model


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